Earth Through SPACE!

The Earth is missing! Geraldine must travel through space to rescue it.

Date Brief Description
20150531 Earth Through Space... AT LAST!
20150601 Why loaf on the couch when there's a perfectly serviceable roof?
20150627 Proper attire is important.
20150628 Mission Clothes: Complete!
20150701 Except don't actually punch the switch.

That's... not how this works.
20150708 Earth certainly has a lot of space junk to leave behind.
20150715 Space fog!
20150722 Look, Neptune is just big-boned, okay.
20150729 Are you.. blue-ish?
20150805 Space smoke!
20150812 Negative-space holster, or instantaneous 3D printer? You decide!
20150819 PEW PEW PEW
20150826 Never add common vegetation to a witch's brew.
20150902 Infinite tow rope.
20150909 Look Gerald, be a bro and give Earth a lift home okay.
20150916 Look, don't question science.
20150923 Geraldine: Space Cowgirl Extraordinaire
20150930 Thanks for reading!


The Fantabulous Fish

A picnic gone terribly wrong! Is there no escape?

Date Brief Description
20170410 COMING MAY 1st 2017!

(no really i mean it)
20170501 Always watch for sinkholes.
20170508 FLUMF
20170515 A wild catpile appears!
20170523 You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave.. the cave.
20170628 Sorry for the delay folks! I was not as prepared for so many commissions as I thought! Conventions are done for this year now, so I can refocus on Geraldine and her adventures once more.
20170703 Caves.
20170710 A rude awakening.
20170717 Just.. just full of unreasonable demands, aren't you, Geraldine?
20170724 A pool boy's job is never done.
20170904 Solid plan, right?
20170925 It is important to set the proper mood for every occasion.
20171009 Gonna admit, an all-cat dance party is now on my To-Do list for life.